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When the Wind Blows: Responding to the Spirit's Prompts

There is something about the leading of the Holy Spirit that reinvigorates you. The Holy Spirit speaks to individual believers in different ways, but for me, he often drops a thought, the thought becomes a vision, the vision begins to beat in my heart, he then confirms the vision through his word, I then share the vision with others and very often they will confirm what I've been sensing.

This very thing happened these last few weeks, I had a sense of something, it wouldn't shift, I spoke to one of my team about and he responded with: "I've been thinking that for ages."

Today a group of us met to pray and discuss the idea and there was a strong sense of things coming together. In fact, the thing was described as an answer to prayers that have been prayed for some time.

It's still in process, and it's early days. And whilst I can't go into detail, I can share that it is reinvigorating when you sense the wind of the Spirit blowing afresh and leading you into a new season.

Sometimes we can neglect the voice of the Spirit. We become too busy. Too active. At times like that, it's important to draw aside and listen. Sometimes we need to wait. But if we still our souls, the Spirit will speak. And when he speaks, he pours out fresh vision.

Lean in to the Spirit today. Draw near and let him speak new direction to your soul.

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