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Making disciples is easier and harder than you think

Jesus calls all of us who follow him to go and make disciples.

Someone cheekily called this "the Great Ommision" -- that command of Jesus most of us have patched.

Why is it so difficult?

Why do so many of us struggle with it?

Why is it a source of fear and guilt?

Most believers struggle with this. And if you struggle -- I have good news.

It's really not as hard as you think.

Making disciples is only hard when when we hem ourselves into a social comfort zone.

It's difficult when we protect ourselves from people.

When we do this we create barriers of fear, rejection and shame.

In effect we are ashamed of the gospel.

However, if we determine to move in love instead of fear, we will overcome these hurdles.

Love for people and love for Christ is the key.

The moment you start to engage with people, in a real, loving and human way, you are moving towards mission.

These three simple principles are key:

  1. Connect

  2. Communicate

  3. Create (a space)

In other words, you can't reach people if you avoid them.

You can't share your faith, if you don't connect and then communicate.

And you can't build relationships and communicate hope to people if you are not proactive in creating a space.

That space may be your home, a coffee shop, or a small group you have launched.

Whatever it looks like, if you embrace these principles, and step out in your vulnerability, you will already be walking in the process of making disciples.

Why not try it this week?

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