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Books by John Caldwell

Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle

Many communities are ravaged by problems associated with poverty, crime and drug and alcohol abuse. Substantial answers to the urban crisis are all but non-existent. 'Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle' is the story of a young man's deliverance from a lifestyle of desperation and delinquency to a new life of freedom and hope. This books reveals the remarkable journey of transformation and redemption that is made possible through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Radical Church

'In this fresh, fast-flowing and very readable narrative, the author reveals how the Western Church has to a considerable degree lost both its relevance and vitality in an increasingly anti- Christian culture. The answer, he passionately believes, is not compromising to culture, but faithfulness to Christ, and he calls the Church back to its biblical roots, with its emphasis on the Cross. A pertinent call to radical, Christ-centred living.'


Tom Lennie

Restoring Tongues of Fire: Rekindling Tongues and Setting the World Ablaze

In a world completely changed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the missional opportunities have multiplied exponentially for the church. That might be a daunting challenge, but “Restoring Tongues of Fire” equips and empowers the reader to receive or revive the Father’s gift for all believers, and does so exhaustively and with great clarity. Thoroughly and passionately John Caldwell not only inspires the reader, but through careful analysis and his skilful guidance through the scriptures, John stokes the spirit of any serious Christian to seek earnestly the Holy Spirit with signs following, so that personal passion and missional efficacy might return to those who do! (Ivan Parker, National Leader and Chair of the Trustees of the Apostolic Church UK)

Vision from the Valleys: 100 Daily Devotions Birthed out of the Welsh Revival

John Caldwell’s ‘Vision from the Valleys’ is a welcome addition to our understanding of what God did when he stirred the Welsh Revival into being in the first years of the twentieth century. Men and women, many with limited formal education, carried to their nation and the world a revelation of Christ and his Church which was fresh and deep in equal measure.Of course, each generation must discover the breath of God on truth, else the fresh becomes stale and the deep becomes shallow.‘ Vision from the Valleys’ takes us not to a moment in history, but allows us to glimpse into things eternal; ‘Vision’ takes us not to the Wales of a another era but to a setting into which for a season, at least, God’s will was done on earth as in heaven. May all who read be transported not back to a time and place now buried in history but propelled into a contemporary understanding and expression of God’s love for the Church and his mission to reach all mankind with the Gospel. This is the heritage of the Apostolic Church, its mantle to help carry and its mission to help fulfil.


Tim Jack (National Leader, Apostolic Church, UK)

the lions roar 3 final 600.jpg
The Lion's Roar: A Prophetic Wakeup Call 

For too long the church has purred like a kitten instead of roaring like a lion. The prophetic voice has been a whimper, when it is supposed to resound like thunder. Think about the church at Pentecost. Pentecost was not a pathetic little shower, it was a raging storm! This is why we need revival – revival is nothing less than God restoring the roar. It’s time to hear the Lion’s roar, and it’s time to awaken the prophetic in order that the church might rise up into the fullness of God’s purposes in these final hours.

More Books by John Caldwell

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