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New Release! 


In addition to writing books, John is passionate about classic books. In order to encourage readers to engage with the spiritual giants of the past, John has released the Kairos Revival Series. The latest edition to this series is 'Pentecostal Rays' by George Jeffreys. 



You have reached the online home of John Caldwell. John is a pastor in the Apostolic Church UK, he has planted Kairos Church Stirling/Perthshire, and is the author of several books. 

In 2015, EP Books published John's testimony: 'Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle'. This book demonstrates the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to bring hope and deliverance to the most desperate of circumstances. If you know anyone lost in a world of addiction and chaos, give them a copy of this book.


John has a BD (Hons) in Theology and Pastoral studies from the Scottish Baptist College, A Diploma in Education from Strathclyde University, and has studied Youth Ministry at the International Christian College (ICC) in Glasgow, and undertaken further theological studies at Edinburgh Theological Seminary in Edinburgh. 

Prior to planting Kairos Church, John was a bi-vocational itinerant preacher who preached the gospel all over Scotland (from such diverse contexts as the Western Isles to Wester Hailes). Whilst living and teaching at a local high school on the Isle of Skye, John pastored Bracadale Free Church. 

For 20 years, John has been reading, writing, and preaching and teaching on the gospel of grace, revival, and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. 

Check out the BOOKS tab or John's Author Page if you would like to order some of John's books. If you would like to connect with John, or Kairos Church, or to book John to speak at an event, get in touch via the contact form. 

You can order John's testimony from EP Books, 10ofThose, or Amazon

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Commendations for 'The Lion's Roar'

A great hope for a reviving work of the Spirit and a great harvest of souls to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Steven Anderson, Apostle, Author of several books and former leader and pioneer  of Healing Rooms Scotland.


Prophets were never born for times of peace and tranquility. They were born for adversity. They are the ‘Jeremiahs’ that often prophecy from prison cells as the shadow of war and persecution loom. They are the ‘Elijahs’ in drought and the ‘Josephs’ in famine. This book, this outcry, is one of those: a voice crying in the wilderness of post-modern religion, turning over tables to make a way for the Lord. True prophets will always fight for the poor and preach the Gospel to them as well. They are for the underdog, the outliers and the outcasts. They can’t be bought. This book and its author is optic to what is coming — a new breed.

Chad Taylor, Consuming Fire Ministries, and author of Why Revival Still Tarries

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